Book Distribution

Book DistributionEvery year we organize several exhibitions of valuable books in various organizations, which are based on our rich and diverse culture, promoting human values to combat the evils and vices of the present civilization thereby benefitting the masses, organizations and corporate houses. These books are based on our traditional culture and wisdom, providing values of integrity and mutual cooperation amongst the workers/employees. We have books like the Way of Natural Living, “Bhagavad Gita As It is”, The Science of Self-Realization, The Topmost Yoga System, Easy Journey to Other Planets etc.

These books impart self-satisfaction, peace and self-control that will benefit your professionals and employees in their professional and personal lives. All of the books are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarathi languages and are subsidized to benefit all.

The distribution of these literatures in companies intend to:
Offer meditation techniques for resolving interpersonal conflicts, which will help employees to become free from stress and tension, which helps in increased working efficiency.

  • Increase the awareness of Indian culture and our rich Vedic heritage amongst employees.
  • Teach people the higher values of life- to become perfect gentlemen- through the vedic wisdom.